Lexium provides and supports each stage of the medical device testing for startups, Small and medium enterprises, large and MNC manufacturers. The portfolio start from test protocol development, prototype / feasibility trials, EMI / EMC testing to testing required by global regulatory bodies.

As a comprehensive medical device testing partner, you will get the benefits of a single source supplier for all your testing needs from feasibility and R & D to product development and production quality control. We offer a full suit of medical device testing including Mechanical testing, product testing, clinical validation testing, material characterization microbiological evaluation and biocompatibility testing as per ISO 10993.

Our dedicated team of experts have years of experience in a wide range of testing services for all classes of medical devices to help you meet regulations and ensure that every aspect of your medical device product is properly tested.

Our Testing Service Portfolio

  • IEC 60601 -1 Electrical Safety Medical Devices
  • IEC 60601-2 : EMC Testing and Assessments
  • IEC 60601-1-11 : Home Healthcare Assessment
  • Chemical Compatibility Testing for Medical Devices, Materials and Surfaces
  • Rated Burst Pressure and Leak Testing
  • Accelerated Aging Shelf Life Testing
  • Medical Device Battery Testing
  • Clinical Validation Testing
  • Syringe Testing
  • Implants Testing
  • Microbiological Testing
  • Cytotoxicity Tests
  • Irritation Test
  • Skin Sensitization Test
  • Systemic Toxicity Test
  • Hemocompatibility Tests
  • Pyrogenicity Tests
  • Implantation Studies
  • Plastic Testing
  • Genotoxicity Testing
  • Biological Safety Evaluation

Reduced time to market

From the conception of products to prototype evaluation, testing and right through to full compliance and certification. We work with you to identify the appropriate requirements for your specific medical device. This removes both the cost and risk from medical product verification and validation during the formal testing phase, bringing your products to market quickly as a result.

Consult us today to learn how Lexium can provide testing services and consultation for your medical device.

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